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Wedding Catering Beaumont Are you a business owner looking for a food vending service to please your employees? Are you in need of wedding catering services for your big day? From catering service to coffee service, Moncla's is the food service company to call!

With over 92 years experience, Moncla’s is the premier catering service and food service catering company in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Moncla’s specializes in off-premise event catering, parties, company picnics, corporate catering events, safety meetings, open houses and wedding catering. Moncla’s also provides emergency catering for natural disasters, oil spills and work stoppages. Moncla’s is in the industrial food service, food vending service and coffee service business.

CEvent Catering Beaumont ATERING:
Moncla's has been serving and catering to Southeast Texas for over 60 years.  Since 1950, the company has been in the event catering business, serving satisfied customers in the Beaumont area.  Today it is the largest catering company in the area, specializing in off site catering.  Whether you are looking for a caterer for an elegant night or a fun company party, choose Moncla's!  We are experienced with serving the industrial market, serving meals for luncheons, safety meetings, open houses and turnaround meals.  Call us today!

We have been so successful with our catering business over the years because of our commitment to offering quality food and service at a reasonable price.  We maintain a large inventory of mobile equipment, including trucks and on site cooking equipment.  This makes it possible for us to offer the freshest products available, on the go!  Don't worry if you have a very large function you need catered.  We have adequate equipment to cook an entire meal for 6,000 people or more! 

Offering wedding catering!

Since we are the largest catering service in the area, we truly know what we are doing! With many years of experience as one of the best catering companies in Beaumont, we've got the expertise and know-how to provide you and your guests with the best food for your big day. What's even better is that we offer high quality food at a reasonable price to stay within your budget. From elegant hors d'oeuvres to delicious entrees, our wedding catering cannot be beat by anyone in the area. Leave the work to Moncla's and enjoy delicious food all night. Visit our website for our menus or call today for more information on our wedding catering services!

ICatering Service Beaumont NDUSTRIAL FOOD SERVICE:
The mainstay of the business is the industrial market, where meals are served for luncheons, safety meetings, open houses, and turnaround meals. This division of the business handles the operation of the institutional cafeterias. Since 1983, the Company has held the contract for the Mobil Oil cafeteria. In 1998, Moncla’s was awarded the operating contracts of two more cafeterias: Goodyear Tire & Rubber in Beaumont and Northrop Grumman in Lake Charles. The cafeterias provide their employees with a full-line breakfast and lunch, consisting of a complete hot-food line, short-order line, and deli area. The cafeterias also provide catering inside the plants for meeting, receptions, events, and emergency purposes.

Food Vending Beaumont Disaster Relief Catering is a major part of Moncla's service.  When emergencies strike & hit the gulf coast, Moncla's is there and can provide some peace of mind during the recovery.  As soon as labor teams, refineries and organizations go to work to rebuild after a disaster, we will be there to prepare and serve up more than 6,000 meals per day.  After an emergency. organization is key and we are fully organized, staffed and prepared to serve the hardest hit areas with fresh, quality food.  We have the necessary equipment for our mobile kitchens and mobile showers, so that we are ready and equipped to handle the largest of groups.  With a varying menu, we are ready to cook entire meals on location.  What other catering company can say that?  Since 1918, we have been committed to providing our customers with superb value resulting in total satisfaction for any event.  In the past, Moncla’s Disaster Relief Catering has provided successful emergency service for floods, oil spills, hurricanes, shut-downs, fires, and tornadoes.

Moncla's has a rich tradition in coffee service around Southeast Texas. Enjoy Moncla's 100% Colombian Arabica Coffee & our service. Ask us about a private taste (cupping) at your company's convenience & location. Many businesses, restaurants, schools and companies enjoy Moncla's Coffee and Moncla's Coffee Service. Our service involves supplying your office, business, school or organization with pre-packaged ground coffee. With our flavorful Arabica beans, you're sure to love sip after sip. Great for parties, breakfasts and gatherings.

Take advantage of food vending options for your office!

Moncla's Vending Service has over 8 decades of experience in the food vending industry.  With Moncla's you can expect the highest quality and service that comes with so many years of experience.  Starting with vending operations at Mobil Oil's cafeteria, management analyzed the Beaumont vending market and realized there was a real need for a quality vending company.  Since then, Moncla's has acquired addition vending business and has grown exponentially.  With over 1,000 machines at various locations throughout Texas & Louisiana, the key to our vending program's success is top-quality food and service.  We are one of the only companies that produces our own fresh food products for our machines.  This gives us an edge over our competitors.  Call us today to see what we can do for your company. 

Moncla's has several different menu items and options for any occasion. Call Moncla's today for a customized menu for you and your organization.

Today, Moncla’s is proud to carry on the tradition of providing delicious food to our customers. We use a basic approach to produce consistent quality products.

Moncla's is the catering service that you need to provide anything and everything you need for your event. Not only is there food service but a coffee service as well! The variety we carry is perfect for wedding catering! For all of your event catering needs, Moncla's is the place to call. Not looking to cater an event, but looking for vending? We also have food vending services! Call today to inquire about all of the benefits we offer to suit your event catering needs!

Moncla's Catering
2530 West Cardinal Drive
Beaumont, TX 77705


ExxonMobil Refining & Supply
I would strongly recommend Moncla’s Catering Service for any required catering needs, be it a small luncheon to a large luncheon.

We have luncheons and dinners for VIP visitors, contractor safety luncheons, employee safety luncheons, and VPP celebration lunches, and the list goes on and on.  The food quantities have varied from 25 to 1500. They (Moncla’s) are willing to come out at dinner and set up catering facilities in our cafeteria on site.

Menus have varied from barbeque, fajitas, chicken fried steak, fried fish, chicken with spaghetti, ribeyes, fried shrimp, oriental, Thanksgiving menu, gumbo and most recently this week was shrimp creole and red beans & sausage, which was outstanding.  We had a combo of ribeyes and fried shrimp when we reached our 120 days non-OSHA recordables celebration.  This menu selection was terrific!  Just the smell of ribeyes cooking on the grill was enticing!  The staff at Moncla’s work well with the client on selection of menus and will offer suggestions for the best of the client.

There is no way you can compare their service and food.  Anytime I have asked Moncla’s for a catering job, they are always prompt, service great, food wonderful, etc.  I also must say that their employees are very cooperative and nice and all work to get the job done.

Again, I strongly recommend Moncla’s for any type of catering service.

If you need more information, I would be more than happy to talk to you.

Dora Willetts
ExxonMobil - Beaumont

Total Petrochemicals
Moncla’s Catering has provided an excellent service for our recent 2 Million Safe Work Hour Celebration.  The lunch featured rib eye steak & fried shrimp for over 460 employees and contractors served up buffet style and cooked on-site.  The lunch provided started at 11:30 AM and all were served and ready to listen to our safety presentation by 12 NOON!

Great job was done by all,

Alan Brown
Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc – Port Arthur

Exxon Mobil Chemical Co.
Please accept this letter on behalf of ExxonMobil in appreciation for the numerous celebratory luncheons you & your staff have catered at ExxonMobil in Baytown over the last several months.  We realize that preparing & feeding 1,000+ people at a single event is not an easy task!

In addition to excellent quality of food, you & your staff have consistently met ExxonMobil’s three critical success factors for these important events:

• You have successfully catered all events to date without injury or illness to Moncla’s personnel.
• You have arrived on time & have been sufficiently staffed to prepare & provide meals at the required time(s).
• You have consistently provided enough food to feed the designated numbers for all events.

In addition to consistently meeting these critical success factors, Moncla’s personnel have been a pleasure to work with, going above & beyond in terms of assisting ExxonMobil personnel in coordinating & hosting these events.

We continue to hear from our employee population that the food provided by Moncla’s Catering is excellent, and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Lori Hackfeld
ExxonMobil - Baytown

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  • Industrial Catering Service (refineries, plants, factories, etc.)
  • Corporate or Company catering
  • Safety Celebrations
  • Parties, Special Events and Weddings
  • Mobile Disaster Catering
  • Full Service Coffee Company
  • Full-Line Vending Company

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